We roast on site! We have a 25lb. Deitrich Roaster that we fire up a couple of times a week to give you the freshest coffee around. This means you’ll enjoy the bean at it’s peak flavor. The small batches allow us to roast and bring out the best flavor of the bean. You get a much better cup of coffee at Alana’s.

For busy mornings we’ll prepare pour-overs on our vintage Chemex’s.  We will also have a few batch brews ready to go.  We’re also happy to do individual pour-overs! Come in for our Pirates Chai, Big Time! or Chipotle Mocha, items that are unique to Alana’s.


We are also pretty down to earth. Our goal is to welcome you. We’ve been to some 3rd wave coffee places that made us feel intimidated.

No milk! No Vanilla Lattes! Both are available at Alana’s. We might make a suggestion, but only if you ask. It’s your way or no way, and we want you to enjoy our coffee as much as we do.