Our beans are either sourced from the coffee farmer directly or through our bean supplier who works with coffee farmers around the world.  We roast in house, almost daily and only roast beans that are in season.  We make our own syrups, keep our powders simple and low on sugar and have sought out the best milk and milk alternatives to compliment our coffee and espresso.


Alana’s is one of the only shops on the Westside that uses a Slayer espresso machine.   The Slayer Espresso flow rate is manually controlled during a pre-infusion stage this allows for a finer grind size and the versatility of flavor profiling. The result is a sweeter shot of espresso with maximum viscosity.


We follow the coffee harvest.  Typically we’ll have 4 or 5 different coffees from around the world.  Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and El Salvador are in our bean rotation.   Ask your Barista to let you see what we have roasted and take a deep inhale!

We roast a couple of times a week.  We tend to roast on the lighter side but also have a French Roast.  Our espresso is a delicious blend!